Success Stories

Meet Tony
LDC Driving Instructor Tony

I had always planned to be a Driving Instructor when I retired. Before deciding to train with LDC I did a lot of homework on the different training providers and, indeed what they were doing for their pupils. I was warned off two of the major players by friends who had worked for them. I passed with a 5/6. Not bad for an old dog, learning new tricks. The job with LDC turned out to be what I expected and then some. For the first time in years I look forward to working.

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Meet Theo
LDC Driving Instructor Theo

Trying to find the most suitable driving instructor training company quickly developed into a minefield of people asking me to sign contracts and sign cheques. I'm glad that I chose LDC because I had excellent training through out my course. The exams were not easy but with encouragement, good training and course material, I was successful and passed all three parts on my first attempts.

LDC is a very professional company who I found very genuine in their quest in helping me qualify. I couldn't have done it without them.

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Meet Ros
LDC Driving Instructor Ros

From my initial contact with LDC everyone was friendly and appeared genuinely interested in my enquiries. The training resources and support were good, and the price competitive. I was able to progress at a pace comfortable for me, carrying on a part-time job, and so no feeling of pressure. Using the student's internet forum I was able to learn a lot from others, and realise that I was not alone in my highs and lows. Support and leads from LDC whilst on a trainee license, and the free additional training I received, gave me valuable experience and confidence to approach the final hurdle, the Part 3 test, feeling prepared for the antics of the examiner!

Having received LDC's support in training, I chose to stay with the franchise and having looked elsewhere and chatted to other instructors I appreciate that it is a very flexible arrangement for a reasonable monthly fee. I can do my own thing and generate my own pupils, but support is there when I need it. The pupils like the system of tuition with the books and DVDs, and I like to have my own choice of car but with the eye catching logos which get me noticed on the street. I can see that without LDC it could be very lonely out there!

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Become a driving instructor with LDC

Driving instructor training from LDC
Be your own boss, work the hours you choose and feel a great sense of achievement as each of your pupils pass the driving test. Few jobs offer such flexibility, earnings potential or job satisfaction. Although everyone who undertakes driving instructor training with LDC is guaranteed a job opportunity with us it is not compulsory for them to join. If you want to find out why the LDC driving instructor training course offers the best chance of passing the qualifying exam first time and why no one can offer you better job prospects once qualified please read on.

Become a driving instructor

LDC Driving Instructor TrainingNationwide driving instructor training
LDC have over 40 ORDIT qualified trainers providing driving instructor training from over 50 locations strategically placed around the UK covering most test centres where the exam to become a driving instructor is carried out.

Many of our local trainers also offer optional classroom sessions. To provide driving instructor training we use a open learning course backed up by central and local support using highly modern media together with expertly delivered in-car structured training. Each trainee is allocated a personal trainer as well as being fully supported by our dedicated driving instructor training team at head office and each will follow a training plan specific to their needs - not a "one size fits all" approach.

We passed with LDC... so can you

Driving Instructor Course Students

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The skills you need to become a driving instructor
If you are good with people, have held a full UK or EEA driving licence for a minimum of three and a half years (with no more than 5 points and no bans) and take a pride in your driving this may be the right job for you. The driving instructor exam you need to pass is very practical and what theory there is involves you taking a simple multiple choice test. No writing skills are needed but you will need to be able to read.

About the qualifying exam
ADI and Trainee BadgesBefore you can operate as a driving instructor in the UK you have to pass the DSA Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) qualifying exam and be accepted onto the ADI Register. The exam is made up of three parts; a theory and driving test similar to the current tests for learner drivers, and a practical test of your ability to instruct where the examiner expects you to give them a driving lesson as he or she plays the role of a learner driver. Once you have passed the first two parts (i.e. theory and driving) and receive a minimum of 40 hours of Part 3 training from a sponsoring driving school such as LDC you can potentially start to earn money as a trainee on a Trainee Licence. Please also note the sponsorship and minimum training is a legal requirement to be eligible for a Trainee Licence.

Disabled candidates: The DSA are keen to support those with various disabilities and allow various adaptations to be fitted to the vehicle provided such adaptations still allow a pupil to operate the car normally. However, if the adaptations require the candidate to operate an automatic car the candidate would be restricted to only giving driving tuition in an automatic vehicle once they qualified and must obtain an Emergency Control Certificate prior to starting the training. Please note not every driving school supports the trainee licence scheme, for example, this option is not available with the AA driving school. Also be aware that some schools charge a much higher weekly franchise if you join them on a trainee licence. This is not the case with LDC Driving School Websites.

Candidates from ethnic minorities: The DSA are also keen to encourage candidates from ethnic minority groups where English may not be their first language. The way the exam operates is also designed to make this possible but you must be able to read and speak English to a reasonable level to complete your study with LDC.

Learner Driving Centres Head OfficeWhat you need to consider
Before you decide to invest time and money on a driving instructor training course you need to ask yourself what is uniquely special about the driving school to ensure you will have sufficient work to earn a decent living once you become a driving instructor. After all there is little point in starting the driving instructor training if the driving school cannot truly provide the job prospects it claims. Not all driving schools are successful and several would fail if it wasn't for the driving instructor training courses they sell.

You also need to be sure that the driving instructor training being offered will give you the best possible chance of passing the exam first time, within a reasonable timeframe and at a reasonable cost.

Finally you need to be sure that the job is right for you and you are able to put in the time and the effort to successfully undertake the necessary driving instructor training.