Success Stories

Meet Marie
LDC Driving Instructor Marie

I joined LDC after doing a whole load of research into all the different companies offering all sorts of promises and I can honestly say it has been the best experience of my life.

I received up to date information week on week on how my course would run and there was no pressure to finish any of the modules within a certain time limit, after all I still had a full time job to do. My work was marked and each module sent through the post very efficiently. I was then told how to proceed. Help was always available either by phone or on the net via the LDC forum which is set up for all the trainees just like me all going through the same experiences, Its a great place to meet and chat to others doing the same thing all across the country.

I was allocated my very own tutor whose help was fantastic and he helped me to continue all the way through my course. I can now say with great pride that I am now a qualified advanced driving instructor and the rewards are fantastic.

Every day I drive on the roads with my pupils, displaying my LDC logos and my name and I just want everyone to see its the best driving school in the country, because believe me Only the BEST will do for LDC.

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Meet Innes
LDC Driving Instructor Innes

I chose LDC because they have a different out look to any other driving school. They had a genuine interest in me and my business (to be the best). I found the unique LDC instructor training system worked very well combining plenty of home study with a very high standard of training that I received from my tutor. The support from the training team was fantastic always there whenever I need them guiding me through any problems that I had every step of the way, and still are. Thanks LDC.

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Meet Naveed
LDC Driving Instructor Naveed

I have received the best training available out there to become a driving instructor, the service is fantastic and the LDC training method is unique. I received help and support throughout the whole time of my training. I would highly recommend anyone to learn with LDC whether you are a potential driving instructor or you just want to learn how to drive.

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The LD System

SystemThe LD tuition system is based on many years of successfully getting people through the UK driving test and follows a highly structured course of driving lessons. Designed for intensive training, it was vital that no time in the car was wasted, so each lesson was given a very clear structure with set targets to achieve. By targeting and focusing on skills development using LDC's "Coaching Cycle" teaching method, learners progress far quicker.

To help speed up the learner's progress further, a video programme and workbook was later added to accompany the in-car training programme. The idea being that the learner would watch a video brief about the next driving lesson and complete a quiz in a workbook in the comfort of their home before attending the in-car lesson. In this way a lengthy verbal brief would not be required at the start of a new lesson and would only need to focus on any aspects of the video brief or workbook exercises that the learner wasn’t sure about. We didn't just use the time we saved to get the learners through the test quickly we added more training to equip them for driving in the real world.

Hence, a mixture of well planned structured training with clear targets, LDC's modern teaching methods, home study training materials and more actual practice time in the car on each lesson ensures learners are better trained and require far fewer lessons to pass the test – thus saving the learner money and stress from being thrown into the unknown.

Whilst this new approach proved very popular with the public, the instructors whom LDC recruited at the time did not like the organised manner of the lessons, the ease with which learners could track their own progress or the reduction in driving lessons needed to pass the test. It soon became clear that it was better to train new instructors from the beginning rather than try to convert existing instructors who were set in their ways. As a result LDC decided to invest in the development of top quality driving instructor training, not unlike its training for learner drivers, to overcome this early set back.

Sample video from Driving Skills DVD

The introduction of a workbook and a DVD Video programme to accompany the tuition system also provides the opportunity to earn additional money by either renting or selling the workbook and DVD. If, like us, you believe that quality counts and you would want to do the very best for your customers as a driving instructor, then LDC is the company for you.