Success Stories

Meet Marie
LDC Driving Instructor Marie

I joined LDC after doing a whole load of research into all the different companies offering all sorts of promises and I can honestly say it has been the best experience of my life.

I received up to date information week on week on how my course would run and there was no pressure to finish any of the modules within a certain time limit, after all I still had a full time job to do. My work was marked and each module sent through the post very efficiently. I was then told how to proceed. Help was always available either by phone or on the net via the LDC forum which is set up for all the trainees just like me all going through the same experiences, Its a great place to meet and chat to others doing the same thing all across the country.

I was allocated my very own tutor whose help was fantastic and he helped me to continue all the way through my course. I can now say with great pride that I am now a qualified advanced driving instructor and the rewards are fantastic.

Every day I drive on the roads with my pupils, displaying my LDC logos and my name and I just want everyone to see its the best driving school in the country, because believe me Only the BEST will do for LDC.

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Meet Innes
LDC Driving Instructor Innes

I chose LDC because they have a different out look to any other driving school. They had a genuine interest in me and my business (to be the best). I found the unique LDC instructor training system worked very well combining plenty of home study with a very high standard of training that I received from my tutor. The support from the training team was fantastic always there whenever I need them guiding me through any problems that I had every step of the way, and still are. Thanks LDC.

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Meet Naveed
LDC Driving Instructor Naveed

I have received the best training available out there to become a driving instructor, the service is fantastic and the LDC training method is unique. I received help and support throughout the whole time of my training. I would highly recommend anyone to learn with LDC whether you are a potential driving instructor or you just want to learn how to drive.

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LDC products

LDC have developed a series of state-of-the-art driving products for learner drivers and driving instructors. LDC instructors can sell these products or rent them out to their pupils for a profit and thus they provide a useful extra source of income. They can also be used in a promotional capacity and it is not uncommon for LDC instructors to provide them to sixth form colleges for free or at a much reduced rate (suitably modified of course with the instructors contact details). Below you will see some examples of the products available for sale to the general public. Please feel free to visit the individual product pages to see what we have to offer or indeed purchase any of the products if you would like to personally experience the quality of the products we provide.

Driving Test Complete Theory Test Complete Driving Test Ultimate
Hazard Perception Extra Hazard Perception Complete Hazard Perception Professional

Our software products are also sold under the Avanquest / GSP label and are shown below. With the help of Avanquest / GSP our theory software is now the number one selling product of its kind in the UK. Not surprisingly many people who buy our software go on to take driving lessons from us. This is just another example of how LDC are uniquely placed to help make your LDC driving school a success.

Driving Test Nintendo DS Driving Test Hazard Perception
Driving Test Deluxe Driving Test Premium