Success Stories

Meet Peter
LDC Driving Instructor Peter

I trained independently with The Instructor College (Red Driving School) to qualify as an ADI. Although I had enough help to get through Part 1 and Part 2, I felt the help I got there was inadequate for my Part 3 and I failed it twice. Over 2 years had elapsed since starting my course with Red. I felt I needed more experience and further help so I turned to LDC. I qualified and recently was awarded a Grade 5 in my first ADI check test, which I was very proud of. I owe LDC a big thank you for all their help, support and belief in me. Thank You LDC.

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Meet Tim
LDC Driving Instructor Tim

The best thing I ever did was choose to become a driving instructor and to choose LDC for my training.

Once I had decided to become a driving instructor I looked at a few different schools for training including BSM, Let's Drive (now The Instructor College Direct / Red Driving School) and others and what stood out about LDC was the emphasis on the quality of training for both instructors and learners, particularly the LD System. The franchise package seemed fairer than most on offer too. Once I started the training I found the quality of training and backup exceeded expectations at all stages and was motivating.

I have been with the LDC franchise now for about 14 months and find that it works well for me. I have found all the staff I have had to deal with very friendly and helpful making me feel part of the 'family' this has been the case in all departments.

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Meet John
LDC Driving Instructor John

I contacted The Instructor College (Red Driving School) and paid £4,500 to complete their residential course. I proceeded to pass my part 1 and part 2. The standard of training for my part 3 was in my opinion very poor from the college. I was not given a clear understanding of the test and I found each trainer had different opinions on how to carry out the PST's. Confusing I must say! After failing my first and second attempts I called the college for further training, however, I was very disappointed with the availability of further tuition. I felt unsupported and confused which resulted in me coming to the conclusion that the College did not deliver on the crucial final stage to becoming an ADI. Nearly 18 months had elapsed since starting my course with Red.

Fortunately there was light at the end of the tunnel! I was recommended to contact Pat Firth at LDC who became my saviour. Pat gave me the correct understanding of the part 3 examination in no uncertain terms. I passed my part 3. After discussions with Pat I was very impressed with the support given to pupils with LDC. The training literature provided to compliment the practical lessons from LDC was in my opinion exceptional. I am pleased and proud to say that I joined LDC.

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The Driving Standards Agency

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is an executive agency of the Department of Transport. The agency is responsible for conducting all theory and practical driving tests in Great Britain, and has responsibility for maintaining the Register of Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) and the Official Register of Driving Instructor Training (ORDIT).

It is illegal for anyone to charge for driving tuition unless their name is on the Register of ADIs and only those ADIs on ORDIT are approved by the DSA to provide driving instructor training to become an ADI. To become an ADI you need to pass the DSA ADI qualifying examination and meet certain minimum legal requirements. Namely, you must:

1. Hold a full UK or EEA unrestricted car driving licence;

2. Have held your licence for at least 4 years prior to entering the Register after qualifying;

3. Not have been disqualified from driving at any time in the 4 years prior to being entered in the Register;

4. Be a ‘fit and proper’ person to have your name entered in the Register. All convictions, motoring or non-motoring still in force will be taken into account by the DSA before allowing you on the Register, and from experience we know that anyone with 6 or more points on their licence within the last 4 years prior to entry on the Register is likely to be rejected. You now also need to apply for a Criminal Record Bureau check as part of this process.

You should also ensure you can read a number plate in good daylight at the distance of 27.5 metres or 26.5 metres depending on the width of the lettering (with glasses if normally worn for driving) as this will be checked on Part 2 of the qualifying examination. On the normal driving test you need only read a number plate at 20.5 metres or 20 metres depending on the width of the lettering.

Please also note that on the Part 2 driving test you must be able to take rear observations by looking round when reversing without heavy dependency on the mirrors. So if you have minimal neck movement this will need to be checked before you start, since you are not allowed additional mirrors as on the ordinary driving test.