Driving Instructor Training

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OrditORDIT was set up by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to protect the public from substandard driving instructor training and unscrupulous business practices. ORDIT is managed by the DVSA and members failing to maintain the required standard may be removed (or feel compelled to resign) from ORDIT.

To have your organisation approved by the DVSA and the various trade associations you must submit your organisation to regular inspections and abide by the ORDIT code of practice covering advertising, selling and customer care. Ideally only ORDIT qualified trainers should be used by the organisation although at the moment the rules do allow up to 50% of trainers to be unqualified. This is not the case with LDC all of our trainers are fully ORDIT qualified. The DVSA only approve training from ORDIT organisations. The DVSA do not recognise NVQ or any other qualification as adequate to train people to become driving instructors.

Not all ORDIT companies operate nationally
Unfortunately, some driving instructor training providers on ORDIT try to present themselves as being able to provide driving instructor training nationally, when in fact they only have a limited number of ORDIT qualified driving instructor trainers. This can result in driving instructor training students having to wait weeks and sometimes months for their practical training. Any training that is given is provided in an intensive block, which is far from ideal, with trainers who do not know the area or the test routes or the specific preferences of the local examiner. Alternatively, these organisations use trainers who are simply not ORDIT qualified.

LDC currently have 50 DVSA ORDIT qualified trainers. These trainers are based all around the UK to enable us to normally train you within the location that you will be examined.

Why would companies not be on ORDIT?
At the moment ORDIT is a voluntary scheme and to join it does require a driving instructor training organisation to pay a membership fee of £117.50 plus a fee for each of its premises and trainer inspected by the DVSA every two years of between £86.36 and £227.65 per trainer and £227.65 per premises. These are the only costs involved in being a member of ORDIT. Some non-ORDIT driving instructor training organisations use these costs as a reason for not being part of the scheme or they make various false claims that ORDIT is about to be scrapped or some other misleading claim. You really shouldn't be giving any money to an organisation that cannot afford these nominal DVSA inspection and membership fees!

If an organisation is not on ORDIT it is probably because they do not wish to be bound by the ORDIT code of practice or employ the services of properly DVSA ORDIT qualified driving instructor trainers throughout their driving instructor training programme. Alternatively, it is simply because they couldn't reach the required minimum training standard.