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Part 3 - The ADI instructional ability test

About the Part 3 test
The Part 3 test requires you to give a one hour driving lesson to your student while the examiner observes you from the back seat of the car. The examiner is looking to see if effective learning is taking place and inparticular you will be assessed acr0ss three categories of competence, namely Lesson Planning, Risk Management and Teaching / Learning Stratergies.

Driving instructor training provided by LDC
Using our unique student centred open learning course, driving instructor training videos (about 10 hours of video footage), test guide, workbook and colour briefings presenter, you will learn about the Part 3 test, the standards sought and the practical exercises you need to undertake to develop the skills to pass this test. The duration of the open learning course is around 40 hours.

Driving Instructor Training Part 3 Learning Resources

This leads onto and integrates with a comprehensive practical programme of practical training with your local LDC DVSA ORDIT qualified trainer. Again this training would usually be spread over a number of sessions and be provided on a one-to-one basis, thus ensuring that the training is tailored to you. up to 40 hours of 1-to-1 practical training is provided on a one-to-one basis as standard. On the Premium Course option up to a further 10 hours of free remedial one-to-one practical training is available in the unlikely event that you should not pass first or second time. Therefore, you are potentially looking at over 80 hours of training for Part 3 in total.

Trainee Licence option
It may be appropriate to offer you a driving instructor trainee licence at this stage, on either a part-time or full-time basis to allow you to acquire additional experience training real learners. Not only does this help you prepare for the Part 3 exam, it also provides a means to earn an income whilst training.

At LDC our driving instructor package is the same whether you are a trainee or a fully qualified driving instructor, however, it is common for trainees to offer introductory lesson discounts when they first start to reflect the fact they are not yet fully qualified. Some driving schools make higher additional charges when you are a trainee. Not all driving schools support the Governments trainee licence scheme.

Please note if you fail three attempts at Part 3 or Part 2 the DVSA require you to start the qualification process again and not until 2 years have elapsed from passing Part 1.