Success Stories

Meet Phil
LDC Driving Instructor Phil

I joined LDC after careful consideration and plenty of research into the different training organisations available. The reason I joined LDC was for the high quality of training and the future prospects offered. The LDC system for Driving Instructor Training surpassed all other organisations without exception. Not only did LDC offer reasonable Franchise fees, they also offered a well planned, and structured Training syllabus for both the Potential Driving Instructor and learner drivers. The system for each is both thorough and simple to follow.

LDC has been the ideal way to start my own business and I would definitely recommend them to anybody looking at becoming a Driving Instructor.

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Meet Cath
LDC Driving Instructor Cath

When I began to think about starting a family I realised that a Monday to Friday 9-5 office job wasn't the best option when it came to childcare (and I was bored with being stuck in an office as well!) so started looking into changing career - something with more flexible hours was what I wanted. That's when I came across being a driving instructor and training with LDC was my best move.

Training to be a driving instructor is hard work (I nearly had a heart attack when the training box turned up - it was huge!) but the LDC package is done in a way that makes it fun! I remember reading some of the theory notes and the way it's written there are comments in that are exactly the thoughts that go through your mind - I lost count of the number of times I burst out laughing because it was "so true". The part 2 and 3 training was great too. I'll never forget some of the examples of possible pupil behaviour that my trainer Les came up with - "dodge the kangaroos" was the best!!

The support both during the training and once you've qualified is fabulous - the induction course has loads of information to take in but you'll have a great laugh with some of Bob's stories! Everyone is so friendly and helpful - you feel like part of the family. Even though your running your own business, you don't feel as if you're on your own at all so you have the best of both worlds.

Now I've given my first few lessons, being a driving instructor is even better than I though it would be. I wish I'd done it sooner.

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Meet Wai
LDC Driving Instructor Wai

I wanted a career change that would be flexible and manageable. This also needed to be applied to the training I would receive. After a lot of researching and talking to "real" LDC instructors and trainers I chose to train with LDC and have achieved my goal in becoming a driving instructor. More importantly I am still able to get advice and help from LDC.

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Part 3 Course : The ADI instructional ability test

About the test
The Part 3 test requires you to give two half-hour driving lessons on subjects chosen by the examiner. The examiner plays the role of a pupil and whilst in that role he or she tests your ability as an instructor by asking questions and making mistakes. In particular, the examiner will expect you to explain what you hope to achieve on the lesson (based on the situation outlined by the examiner before you start), give a briefing where required about the driving task you are about to teach, provide appropriate verbal support whilst on the move to aid the learning process and to identify and deal with any driving faults that might occur. Your performance for each driving lesson will be graded from 1 to 6 with grade 4 and above being a pass. The minimum you need to pass Part 3 is a 4/4. Grade 4 is adequate, grade 5 is good and grade 6 is excellent.

Driving instructor training provided by LDC
Using our unique open learning course; driving instructor training DVDs (about 15 hours of video footage), test guide, workbook, prompt sheets and laminated colour briefings presenter you will learn about the Part 3 test, the instructional standards sought and the practical exercises you need to undertake to develop the skills to pass this test. The Part 3 Teaching Skills Workbook and DVD contains a comprehensive self-development programme of practical exercises to compliment the training. The duration of the open learning course is around 40 hours.

Driving Instructor Training Part 3

This leads onto and integrates with a comprehensive practical programme of training with your local LDC qualified trainer.

Free additional training and Trainee Licence option
As with the Part 2 course, in the unlikely event that you do not pass, free additional training is provided. It may also be appropriate to offer you a driving instructor trainee licence at this stage on either a part-time or full-time basis to allow you to acquire additional experience training real learners. Not only does this help you prepare for the Part 3 exam, it also provides a means to earn an income whilst training. Whilst this experience is not essential to pass this final part of the qualifying driving instructor examination (the course itself is more than sufficient) it is a useful potential option to have. At LDC our driving instructor package is the same whether you are a trainee or a fully qualified driving instructor, however it is common for trainees to offer introductory lesson discounts when they first start to reflect the fact they are not yet fully qualified. Some driving schools make higher additional charges when you are a trainee.

Last year, of those who completed their driving instructor training with LDC, 84.6% passed Part 3 of the qualifying exam within the three attempts allowed. The pass rate for Part 3 tests taken in 2009/10 as published in the DSA Annual Report was 34%, from this you will appreciate LDC have significantly better success rates than most for Part 3.

In the extremely unlikely event that you fail a third attempt at Part 2 or 3 we will provide further unlimited free re-try driving instructor training once you are able to start again such that eventual exam success is virtually assured.