Success Stories

Meet Denise
LDC Driving Instructor Denise

When I decided I wanted to be a Driving Instructor I opted for LDC because right from the first interview I was made to feel welcome. Not only would I receive first class training but I could also become a franchisee in a nationally recognised network. Most of all, I wanted to be my own boss but at the same time have the backup of a successful team.

The learning materials provided by LDC were easy to use and, as a working mum, the flexibility of home study was ideal. The option of regular practical training sessions during Parts 2 and 3 fitted well with my other commitments and allowed me to prepare for lessons and consolidate on what I had learned. Extra in-car tuition was available when I needed it (for re-takes!) at no extra cost, making the training package very good value for money.
Thank you LDC

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Meet Ken
LDC Driving Instructor Ken

I chose LDC after considering other companies because I thought the LDC Training package and Franchise was the best available. I am still part of the LDC franchise after 12 years and am very happy.

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Meet Glyn
LDC Driving Instructor Glyn

When I decided to train as a driving instructor, I applied to several companies to see what was on offer. I selected LDC because of the complete package they offered and the way that they presented themselves. The training and back up was so helpful and professional, that after I had qualified, I had no hesitation in joining the franchise.

After three good years with LDC, I decided to have a go on my own and although successful, I missed the support that comes from being part of a larger organisation. I would not have considered joining anyone else, so I have now rejoined LDC.

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About the Job Opportunity

Pass your Driving TestLDC instructors who do a normal working week (i.e. 40 lessons per week) and take the average time off for holidays can potentially earn between £20,000 and £40,000 per annum after meeting all business and car expenses, depending upon the level of support they need, the local lesson rate, the demand for lessons at that rate and the type of training being provided. See "Potential Earnings" section for precise details. Of course, if you work longer hours, your rewards can be substantially higher.

Whilst pay is very important, the biggest reward comes from knowing that what you are doing is more than just a job - you are doing something that helps enrich people’s lives and adds to their safety and security.

The LDC job franchise - How we work together
We provide you with the means to earn money directly from your pupils and you in turn pay us. This method of operating is often referred to as a job franchise. All the other major driving schools in the UK operate in this manner. Typically a large weekly franchise fee of between £200 and £400 per week is paid often whether work is supplied or not. As you will appreciate this type of set up can potentially leave you out of pocket if insufficient work is provided. It also means the driving schools interests are really at odds with the instructors interests, as they will always want to put more cars into an area even if it means the work is spread out too thinly. However, this doesn't happen with LDC because of the innovative way in which we work with our instructors.

Charlotte & Roger incar

We only charge a small weekly fee of £42 with all other services being optional. This ensures you only pay for what you need and that charges for optional services have to be very competitive to keep your custom. The support provided as part of this weekly fee is usually sufficient to keep our instructors busy, however, we do also provide an additional pupil generation service for more bespoke types of marketing. In respect to any pupils supplied using this service you are required to pay a commission based upon the money paid in advanced to the office by the pupil. Most of the work supplied is directed straight to our instructors without any pupil charges.

We also provide you with the means and know-how to generate your own pupils. In this regard we are quite unique. Within just a few months the majority of our instructors are able to self-generate a large proportion of their own pupils from referrals alone thus avoiding any additional pupil commission charges. This is one of the reasons why we can offer such an incredible value-for-money franchise package and why very few instructors’ leave once joined.

With regards to the car, you can either rent or buy a driving school car from us at a subsidised rate (up to 30% discount), or use your own car (if suitable) - the choice is yours. Thus you can be assured of keeping your car costs to a minimum. Also unique to LDC is the option to choose the type of car you want to drive. Any car that you do obtain will have your own contact details incorporated into the standard LDC car livery to help generate more work straight to you. Hence, the car cost can be as little as £40 per week rising to £80 if fully maintained and rented.

A real part time job opportunity
Because of the very low fixed weekly franchise fee and the flexible car options, LDC offers one of the very few driving school franchises that is truly affordable by those who wish to work on a part-time basis. This is ideal for those who only wish to semi-retire and earn an income to supplement their pension. It is also ideal for those who want to operate as a driving instructor while carrying on another job either on a permanent basis if practical or temporarily until they are confident that they want to operate as an LDC driving instructor full time.

Become a local LDC driving school owner
It is important to us that you see this as your business within the area that you operate. If you need someone to manage you and tell you what to do we would strongly suggest you consider the other higher fixed fee driving school franchises, as these are more likely to better suit you. We are looking for people who want to run their own LDC driving school business and maximise their income.

Most driving school franchises want their instructors to be totally dependent upon them so they can charge them high franchise/ car rental fees and make it difficult for them to leave. Such driving instructors earn very little after the school gets its cut. LDC on the other hand does the exact opposite and relies on offering good value for money to keep your custom. Low fees and good value for money service have enabled LDC to grow by keeping more of the people we train rather than by selling thousands of driving instructor training courses and accepting the vast majority will leave shortly after joining. This is another reason why LDC is so different - we recognise the importance of keeping good instructors to grow the reputation of the brand.

With LDC you can not only earn more than with any other driving school franchise, you can also earn more than if you were operating the business totally on your own.