Driving Instructor Training

Your success is our success

Choice of car

Unlike any other major national driving school, car options with LDC are extremely flexible. You can either buy a new driving school car from us at a subsidised rate (up to 28% discount), use your own car (if suitable) or rent a car - the choice is yours, thus you can be assured of keeping your car costs to a minimum. As soon as you start training with LDC to become a driving instructor you are entitled to these discounts, so the savings you make on a new car alone could more than pay for the cost of your training. Also unique to LDC is the option to choose the type of car you want to drive, the most popular one currently being the Vauxhall Corsa because of its suitability, reliability and low purchase and running costs.

Any car that you do obtain will have your own contact details incorporated into the standard LDC car livery to help generate more work straight to you.

Driving Instructor Car Vauxhall Corsa

Nirav instructs in a Vauxhall Corsa

Driving Instructor Car Ford Focus

Gill instructs in a Ford Focus

Driving Instructor Car Mini

Michael instructs in a BMW Mini

Driving Instructor Car Peugeot 206

Peter instructs in a Peugeot 206

Driving Instructor Car Ford Fiesta

Theo instructs in a Ford Fiesta

Driving Instructor Car Renault Clio

Linda instructs in a Renault Clio

Driving Instructor Car Hyundia i20

Sonia instructs in a Hyundai i20

Driving Instructor Car Fiat 500

Rob instructs in a Fiat 500