Driving Instructor Training

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Job Security

LDC Driving SchoolThis is a real career opportunity. We are a genuine driving school with a long-established and proven track record of success. We do not act as an agent for other driving schools nor are we an instructor training company masquerading as a driving school. With LDC you are not dependent upon a third party or a superficial unproven driving school to secure your future career prospects. The company that is training you is the company that you will work with - a company with a proven and financially sound driving school business. If you are accepted you will be given a written Career Offer guaranteeing you a position with us before you commit to any training.

A job with a secure future
Over the last 15 years, driving instructors' workloads have increased dramatically. Changes that have added to their workload include the addition of the Theory Test, the retraining of driving offenders, the introduction of the Pass Plus training scheme to reduce insurance premiums (additional motorway lessons etc., backed by the government and insurance companies alike), the introduction of a more difficult driving test (i.e. the introduction of bay parking and more difficult routes), the introduction of the Hazard Perception test for learners and ADIs alike, the introduction of the “show me tell me” section of the driving test, and finally the new independent section of the driving test.

With the emphasis on “duty of care” and the possibility of directors being prosecuted for corporate manslaughter, companies are now taking fleet driver training much more seriously and are looking to the driver training industry to provide assessment and training schemes to safeguard their employees and reduce driving stress. These new schemes can also save companies many thousands of pounds in fleet insurance premiums. Consequently, over the next few years we expect a major increase for driver training services in the corporate area of the market place.

Insurance premiums to cover an additional learner driver on a standard motor car insurance policy have dramatically increased over the last few years, forcing many parents to have their children trained professionally rather than doing it themselves, again benefiting our industry.

Finally, on the horizon there is talk of introducing compulsory retesting of drivers every 10 years and making it compulsory for all learners to take a minimum number of professional driving lessons. As society becomes more safety conscious, training is bound to feature even more, therefore, the future for driver training could not be brighter.