Driving Instructor Training

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An example of Potential Earnings

LDC instructors who carry out 36 lessons per week, take 4 weeks off for holidays per year and charge £38 per hour (lesson prices vary from area to area), could earn the following per week after meeting all business and car expenses, provided this workload was maintained throughout the year:

36 lessons at £38 each £1,368
Total Income £1,368
Franchise/Membership Fee £75
Car Rental £120
Insurance £17
Fuel £80
Total Expenditure £292

Assuming you delivered 36 hourly lessons on average per week with 4 weeks holiday per year the above would be equivalent to £50,800 per annum. However, because you are self-employed you will make certain tax savings, which will enable you to keep more of the money you earn. Also if you choose to buy rather than rent a driving school car your earnings would potentially increase by a further £3,000 per year.

Naturally, in areas where the lesson rate is higher than the average rate or the type of training given was valued at a higher rate, potential earnings would correspondingly be much greater.