Success Stories

Meet Denise
LDC Driving Instructor Denise

When I decided I wanted to be a Driving Instructor I opted for LDC because right from the first interview I was made to feel welcome. Not only would I receive first class training but I could also become a franchisee in a nationally recognised network. Most of all, I wanted to be my own boss but at the same time have the backup of a successful team.

The learning materials provided by LDC were easy to use and, as a working mum, the flexibility of home study was ideal. The option of regular practical training sessions during Parts 2 and 3 fitted well with my other commitments and allowed me to prepare for lessons and consolidate on what I had learned. Extra in-car tuition was available when I needed it (for re-takes!) at no extra cost, making the training package very good value for money.
Thank you LDC

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Meet Ken
LDC Driving Instructor Ken

I chose LDC after considering other companies because I thought the LDC Training package and Franchise was the best available. I am still part of the LDC franchise after 12 years and am very happy.

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Meet Glyn
LDC Driving Instructor Glyn

When I decided to train as a driving instructor, I applied to several companies to see what was on offer. I selected LDC because of the complete package they offered and the way that they presented themselves. The training and back up was so helpful and professional, that after I had qualified, I had no hesitation in joining the franchise.

After three good years with LDC, I decided to have a go on my own and although successful, I missed the support that comes from being part of a larger organisation. I would not have considered joining anyone else, so I have now rejoined LDC.

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How do I choose?

Before you decide to train with or join a company, you need to ask yourself what is uniquely special about the company? Firstly, what does it have that will ensure you qualify quickly and cost effectively as a driving instructor? Secondly, how can you be sure it will provide you with the right route to a secure and decent living thereafter? We have provided below a summary of how LDC can satisfy the latter.

Why choose a job with LDC
1. First and foremost, LDC is a successful driving school. It is not one of the superficial showcase schools that have sprung up in recent years to help driving instructor training companies and colleges sell expensive driving instructor training courses to the unsuspecting public. Similarly, we are not a struggling driving school who has branched out into driving instructor training to help prop up a failing business. Operating a successful driving school provides LDC’s main source of income and profit. It is very easy to give the illusion of having a successful driving school on a website or in a brochure but once you do some serious digging you will often find there is little or no substance behind the glossy facade. Such driving schools make all their money from selling driving instructor training courses.

2. The LDC driving school was established over 20 years ago in 1987 so we have the know-how, financial stability and experience to ensure you succeed.

3. Since we moved away from the traditional driving school method of charging a large weekly fee for our services we have gone from strength to strength with hundreds of successfully established driving instructors now in our team across the UK.

4. LDC offers the most flexible working arrangement of any national driving school where the driving instructor only pays a small weekly fee with all other resources being optional. Thus you only pay for what you need or only acquire those resources from LDC that truly represent good value for money - a much fairer system.

5. LDC also offers a very effective top-up Pupil Generation service that ensures you are never out of pocket (unlike the traditional large weekly franchise fee schemes).

6. As an LDC driving instructor you offer your pupils the unique LD System of driving tuition with DVD's and a Driving Skills workbook plus a comprehensive range of pupil training materials for the Theory, Hazard Perception and Driving test. A unique selling point to help give you the edge in a competitive market.

7. The choice of car is yours. You can buy or rent, or rent with the option to buy with fantastic discounts. Alternatively, you can supply your own car for the job (if suitable). No other national school offers you this flexibility or low car cost.

8. Unlike some driving schools we do not charge a higher franchise fee if you are operating on a trainee licence. Nor do we tie you into paying a high weekly franchise fee from 6 months up to 2 years irrespective of whether sufficient work is provided.

9. Consequently, with LDC you will probably be able to earn far more money than with any other driving school or indeed more than if you were to operate on your own. This is why we can claim to offer the highest potential earnings of any major driving school in the UK and why few driving instructors leave once joined.

Quick Summary